A winter weekend in Minneapolis

A few of us hit the road for Minneapolis this past weekend. Ostensibly, we were going in order to attend the Almanzo benefit party.

On Saturday morning, we loaded up Grant’s wagon with as much fat as we could manage (along with the Ox, there’s Michael’s half-fat GT Peace and his full-fat 9:zero:7) and headed north.

Loading up (Photo by Lemberger)
Loading up (Photo by Lemberger)

After dropping off our stuff, we headed to Angry Catfish for some of the best coffee around, detoured to a much hyped but not all that impressive beer store, and then headed out for the evening. We rode around, stopped at bars, and went to the Almanzo party.  Then drank more beer and crashed for the night.

After a slow start on Sunday morning, we hit the trails for some truly great snow riding. Minnehaha Creek and its chain of lakes becomes a fat-bike super-highway once it’s all frozen and covered with some snow.

Creek riding (photo by Lemberger)
Creek riding (photo by Lemberger)

As much fun as riding on the creek was, the lake riding was even better. Wide open spaces, just the right amount of snow, and lots room to lay down fresh tracks. It was perfect.

Lake riding (Photo by Lemberger)
Lake riding (Photo by Lemberger)

After riding around for a while, we stopped by Hiawatha Cyclery on the way to breakfast, but it being Sunday morning, it was closed.

At Hiawatha (Photo by Lemberger)
At Hiawatha (Photo by Lemberger)

And then there was more creek riding, more lake riding, another stop at Angry Catfish for coffee, and then the long car ride home.

It as a damn good weekend, all around.

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