Wishlist: IGH Thumbshifters

As I’ve said before, I like internal-gear hubs (IGHs) for those times when gears are desirable and riding conditions are variable and messy.

And if you’ve got the gears, then you need to find a way to shift it somehow. And there are quite a few options:

  • Twist-grip: Shimano, Sturmey-Archer, SRAM, Rolhoff, NuVinci. Everyone seems to love this one.
  • Trigger. Shimano, Sturmey-Archer
  • Bar-end. Shimano (via aftermarket parts from Jtek Engineering) and Sturmey-Archer.
  • Brifter. Shimano via aftermarket parts from Versa.

But what about the venerable thumb-shifter? In my little cycling world, the thumb-shifter is the best way to mount a shifter in an accessible position on flat or drop bars while not taking up much bar space or getting in the way of grips and brake levers.

To my knowledge, only Sturmey-Archer makes thumb-shifters for their IGHs, and then only some of them.

Why only S-A?

So, I wish someone would make a thumbshifter — preferably compatible with a Paul Thumbie — that works with Shimano, SRAM, and NuVinci hubs. For a Rolhoff — well, that’s probably too much to ask.

Wishlist is an occasional series dedicated to things that I wish that someone or some company in the cycling industry would produce. Most of it is probably just whinging.

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