Even with a fat-bike in the fleet, my winter riding is necessarily circumscribed. Even if I can ride most of the same places, it takes a lot longer. And even though I love riding in the winter, there are certain aspects that are a lot less pleasant (like dodging cars while dealing with sketchy, badly plowed streets) than during the other seasons of the year. This leaves me feeling a little hemmed in, both in terms of variety and geography.

So while I’m  out there riding around in the snow and slush and sand, I get to thinking about the sort of rides I want to put together in the future. Not events that other people are putting, but the sort of shenanigans that I get up to with the riders of the Church.

Here are a few things that have been knocking around in my head, in no particular order:

  • Tour de taco. In recent years, the number of good taco joints in Madison has increased markedly. We figure that we can hit 10-12 of them without leaving the city in the course of a single afternoon and evening, while still keeping the mileage/taco ratio to about 5:1 or so. This one’s already in the works.
  • Friday morning coffee club. This is an idea I got from the good folks in Washington, DC. They meet at a centrally-located coffeehouse every Friday morning for coffee and conversation on the way to work. I’m not sure if this will work here given how scattered out many of us are, and the directions that we ride, but it’s worth a shot. If nothing else, I’ll get into the habit of stopping for coffee on the way to work on Friday mornings.
  • Gentlemen’s race/ride. After traveling to other places to race or ride in events put on by other people, it seems like a good idea to put on a ride of our own, right out the back door. Lots of ideas for this both in terms of route and rules, but we haven’t settled on anything one way or the other yet.
  • Espresso Express. Just how many good coffee shops are there in Madison? And just how many cups of espresso can one drink in a day of riding between them? I think it would be fun to find out — though I’m not sure if anyone will want to joint me.
  • Bacon, Bacon, BACON. Ride laps around a course to be determined, stop and eat bacon at the end of each lap. Just how much bacon can you eat?
  • Streams and bridges. In the immediate vicinity of Madison, there are a number of creeks, streams, and rivers. I’m scheming a series of rides that are structured so that they cross and re-cross a given stream or river as many times as possible. And, when the weather’s warm, we’ll have ample opportunity for swimming and cooling off.

Whether any of these will come to pass, I have no idea. Any bright ideas of your own?

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