A frozen MLK day

Another state-mandated holiday (and who am I to argue) means another ride. Over the weekend, winter arrived in earnest. It was 3 degrees when I left the house, with wind chills well below zero. We even got a dusting of snow overnight, hiding the evidence of the melt and thaw from the end of last week.


I met up with Nate and Martha for a ride around the lake, through the Arboretum, and back home via the SWCP. We stopped for hot tea in the Arb.

Tea break
Tea break

I’d point out that Martha is learning the sublime joys of single-speeding, courtesy of the green meanie. What doesn’t kill you, eh, Martha?

There was also talk of stopping at Nate’s for bacon, but no one was interested in getting warm only to have to get cold again, so home we went.


About two hours of spinning, slogging, and grinding on the Ox, which is just what I needed.

Tech Notes

If I’m going to wear the Pearl Izumi jacket (pictured above in blue) at temperatures below about 15F, I need a vapor barrier between my base layer and the jacket itself. It’s a little too absorbent of moisture, especially in the arms. By the time I got home, they’d absorbed a little too much moisture, froze, and were starting to get alarmingly stiff.

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