Doing it wrong

As a member in good standing of the Tarik Saleh Bike Club, I feel compelled to pass this one along.

Tarik went to NAHBS in Denver over the weekend, and was not treated as he should have been by the show organizer’s PR flunky.

As someone who a) works in “communications” (whatever that means) and b) is an avid consumer of bike-related products and services, I would point out two things:

  1. It’s dumb to deny a press pass to a blogger asking in good faith, especially when the show in question is devoted to things made by hand, in small shops, outside the normal run of the industry. You know, kinda like blogs as compared to mainstream journalism.
  2. It’s even dumber to make such an obvious mistake (giving Tarik’s printed but unused press pass to a friend or relative) and then refuse to make it right.

To review: that’s dumb and dumber.

It’s  just the sort of thing that would make me think twice about going to NAHBS in the future (should it appear somewhere close by), as much as I like gawping at and drooling over all manner of beautiful bicycles.

Keeping in mind the rules of the TSBC (which are also the COTSW by-laws), I’ll just go ride my bike instead. And try not to be an ass.

Update: It would appear that Tarik and Paul the PR guy have come to some sort of resolution.

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