Winter lingers on…

Winter in Wisconsin seems to be holding on tenaciously this year. We’ve been riding, but it’s been curtailed (even though there are at least a few of us that really want to be putting in some longer rides in preparation for a certain event).

Most people would consider today’s weather to be miserable. We just call it Sunday. So we went for a ride.

All photos by Nathan Vergin, since his camera is waterproof, and mine isn’t.

Into the foggy yonder

After a spin down the lakeshore, we picked up the Capitol City Trail. Some of it was plowed and clear.

The crew

And some of it wasn’t.

Slushy trail

But eventually we emerged from the trail, in Fitchburg.

Emerging from the CCT

After a stop at Barrique’s for coffee and warmth, we continued on, and found even more surface flooding. Some of it was only a few inches deep.

Me, negotiating the flood

And some of it was rather deeper than that.

Surface flooding, over ice

But no one went down, and we all rode through (walking would have been even worse).

Through the Arb

All in all, it was a short ride (~30 miles) in conditions that grew increasingly worse throughout the day. But it was better than nothing.

And, it was the one-year anniversary of the first ride of the Church. So we had that going for us.

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