To Heck or Not?

Now that the Trans-Iowa dust has settled (and been washed from my bike, clothing, and other gear), I’m looking forward to the Almanzo 100 and perhaps a one or two more things in the month of May (Gravel Metric or a brevet, anyone?).

And what should pop up on my radar just when I was starting to feel good again after Trans-Iowa? The registration notice for the Heck of the North.

From the Heck of the North (by Jeremy Kershaw)

I scored a registration for the Heck of the North once before, but was unable to go. I’d still like to ride it one of these days, especially since it takes place in one of my favorite parts of the world and during one of my favorite times of the year.

So what’s stopping me for sending a postcard? Well…I spent a lot of time before Trans-Iowa blathering on about “no more events” and the like, so I’ll have to consider just what sort of inconsistent I’m going to be before I try to get in this year.

But who knows–perhaps the end of September would be a good time for a mini-vacation in the north country, wrapped around a hundred miles of Minnesota gravel.


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