Spring Projects

Besides the home gardens and a major renovation in the house itself, Spring means a whole raft of bike projects at Casa Singularity. Some new things, but mostly tweaks and maintenance.

At rest
At rest
  • After a long hard winter, the Ox is getting new bottom bracket bearings and brake pads. At the LBS now, but not back for a while. Once it’s home, I’ll mount the A-Train front rack and the BigO fenders to make it a little more versatile. I’d also planned an IGH rear wheel, but that’s going to wait. And if I don’t find myself riding off-road that much this summer, I’ll swap the Larry/Endomorph for a couple of Black Floyds.
  • The Albatross, fresh from it’s post-TI wheel repairs, is now tuned and ready for Almanzo. After that, it’s going back to it’s former incarnation as a single-speed 29er with balloon slicks.
  • The Soma ES is ready for 650b conversion, with wheels waiting. I haven’t figured out which fenders to use yet, but everything else is in place and ready to go. At the same time, it’s likely that I’ll swap the SRAM double-tap shifters (which I’ve come to loathe) for either bar-cons or a pair of Dura-Ace 10spd downtube shifters.
  • The Devil, which has been doing duty as a single-speed commuter since the snow started to melt, is in dire need of a new freewheel, new brake pads, and mudflaps for the too-short fenders. I’ll also spin on a 15t fixed cog, switch back to platform pedals, and if I’m feeling like it when it’s on the stand, I’ll swap the Nitto Noodle bars for a pair of flat Nitto/Jitensha porteur bars.
  • The Soma Smoothie, thankfully, needs very little work at all–other than a new chain: the current one is a couple of links short which makes shifting into the bigger cogs while in the big ring inconsistent. I’ve also got a different saddle in the wings: a Selle Anatomica Titanico (to match the one now on the ES). Later, whenever the current set of rubber is worn out, I’ll probably swap the Ultegra brake calipers for something with more spread so that I can run 28-30mm tires instead the 25mm Rubino Pros it’s now wearing.

That about wraps up work needed on the current fleet. But then there’s the new stuff:

  • My wife’s new Soma Saga frame-set is at the LBS now for frame preparation and headset installation. When that’s back in a week or so, I’ll start assembling that into a relaxed all-rounder/country bike with all silver parts.
  • The EightInch Scrambler that I bought last fall needs wheels and a drivetrain, and then it will be ready for bombing around town.
  • And that means that I need to build at least a few more wheels: a pair of Surly Ultra New + Dyad wheels for the Scrambler, another Alfine dynamo wheel for the Devil, and perhaps one more.

Why I didn’t get at least some of this done over the winter?

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