2013 Almanzo 100: The Breakdown

For the second time (the first being in 2011, the year of cold and rain), I made my way to Spring Valley, Minnesota to make a run at the Almanzo 100.

Some things were different: the weather was near perfect; there were seven of us instead of two; and there were nearly 1000 riders starting the 100 mile version.

But some things stayed the same: I rode the Albatross; I wore black; and I still didn’t finish.

You can see it even at the start… (photo by Lemberger)

So what went wrong? In a nutshell, my mind went to places it should not have gone, and I first got irritated with damn near everything under the sun, and then just got tired of being pissed off.

Right about that time, I got to Preston and shortly after that I ran into the wives of a couple of other riders that I know, who were more than happy to give me a lift back to Spring Valley.

And that was that.  Mental failure, pure and simple.

No excuses.

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