The Camargue

Velo Orange just released some preliminary photos and information about their new off-road touring gravel and all-around rough-stuff frame: the Camargue (probably so called).

camargue1 camargue2

Assuming the geometry fits me, I think I may have just found my next gravel bike. The right clearances (2.1″ with a fender) and the right dropouts (semi-horizontal for singlespeed and IGH as well as regular gears) with a threadless fork and no disc brakes. Great color too.

Sounds just about perfect to me. Let’s just hope it fits.

And for those keeping score at home, that makes three VO frames I want to add to the stable (along with the Campeur and the Polyvalent).

Edit: The Camargue would also make a pretty good candidate for the Crossover.

Update: I checked with VO about the Camargue’s geometry and availability. They’ve told me that it will be available in late Spring of 2014 and the geometry will remain top-secret until it goes on sale. This is a bit of a disappointment for me, as the Camargue was my top choice for my Trans Iowa v10 rig.

3 thoughts on “The Camargue

  1. I’ve got an extra Polyvalent I’m not using if you’d like to start with a low budget approach. It’s what I think VO calls a 54, but with 56cm seat and top tubes (assuming no geometry changes between version s 1 and 2).

  2. I’m strangely attracted to the color, even though it’s not in the range of stuff that I normally like (which tends to be gray and black even though I have two white, one red, and one green bike currently in service).

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