Brigham S240

After watching this too many times, it was abundantly clear that we needed some camping.

An S240 to Brigham County Park was in order. We rolled out after work on Friday (well, work for the rest of them; I was off), stopped at the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb for an excellent baltic porter and dinner, and arrived at the park around 10pm. Before bed, there was whiskey, wine, cured meat products, almonds, and chocolate. In the morning, we rolled back to Mt. Horeb for quiche and coffee at Sjolind’s (the food highlight of the trip) and capped off the entire thing with bacon on stick as we rolled through the game day crowds near Camp Randall.

I was home and showered before noon.

1272876_10202493402001317_1231844145_o 1172555_698031973558443_1830394226_o 1244123_10202493404881389_876648985_o 1397543_10202493403721360_2123109111_o 1399266_10202493404081369_547786753_o 1273528_10202493407721460_1170036287_o 1273732_10202493413801612_364626811_o 1277477_698032166891757_1808351650_o 1052625_10202493423321850_255128567_o 1292949_10202493421881814_158624189_o 1399711_10202493410521530_1617912574_o 1400296_10202493424281874_1674629221_o 1272853_10202493416601682_1623296320_o 1400525_10202493419201747_537446409_o 1401464_10202493403481354_1208742280_o 1275937_10202493424441878_1996959975_o 1052324_10202493427921965_565543999_o

All of the photos were taken by one of my camping compatriots. I neglected to bring the camera.

2 thoughts on “Brigham S240

  1. Thanks. I just wish it handled as well as it looks with that big, front porteur load. But then that’s why the Polyvalent will take its place, set up nearly the same.

    It’s been ages since I’ve camped solo, oddly enough. I miss it a little, but only a very little, as camping with friends is always good.

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