Fat and Snowy

After a week of rain following by cold and dry conditions that left everything frozen but entirely devoid of snow, things finally turned around yesterday. The flakes started coming down mid-morning, and by about 1pm I could no longer just sit in the house and watch the snow fall. Enough had accumulated for a ride.

2013-12-08 13.25.24

Great minds think alike. I noticed as I was checking FB just before I walked out the door that Nate was thinking the same thing I was. And I was pretty sure I know where he’d be. So that’s where I went. We met up on the bridge over the creek.2013-12-08 13.58.05

Rode through the new Royster development and down to the lakeshore at Olbrich.2013-12-08 13.58.24

That’s snow-covered lake ice, with the open water on the horizon line. About twice as much ice as the day before.2013-12-08 14.13.05

Snow art in the Olbrich path, with unfortunate Endomorph track. Perhaps the path itself wasn’t the best place for snow art. Cool though.2013-12-08 15.46.48

The snow started out dry and fluffy, but later turned wetter and the wind came up. Sometimes the full beard is not the advantage that some people think it is.

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