Not another one…

Everyone who rides with me know that I like Soma. I ride an ES and a Smoothie and my wife rides a Saga. This explains in part why I was excited when, tot to long ago, Soma released some photos of their new prototype country/gravel/all-rounder: the Wolverine.


Massive tire clearance, belt drive compatibility, sliding dropouts, steel tubeset. All of the things I’m looking for in a frame. And then I saw the discs.

I can see how things are going. I guess I’ve bought my last Soma frame.

4 thoughts on “Not another one…

  1. I anticipate that I will never own a bicycle with disk brakes. I’m just quirky like that (with my friction downtube shifters and numerous other grouchy ways).

  2. At present, the only bike that I own with disc brakes is my fat-bike–and only because there’s no other option. As for the rest, I think I’ll stick with good rim brakes (and friction shifting too, more often than not).

  3. In general I’m with you on the befits of rim brakes, especially if you’ve ever set up one of the Civia Bryants. But these Shimango calipers actually seem to work pretty good. Makes 650bification a bit easier too.

  4. I think the Wolverine is only some cantilevers and a much taller head tube away from being a near-perfect frame.

    In that configuration, I would be all over it for Trans Iowa and things of that ilk.

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