Fat and Fixed

After I converted the Ox from a single-speed to a 1×10 drivetrain, I immediately felt like something was missing. Perhaps being able to shift just made things too easy, too reasonable, and too efficient.

I have redressed this imbalance and restored order to the universe. I give you the Necro-Fix. Fat, fixed, and brakeless.

2013-12-30 13.20.43

It’s pretty simple, really. Pedal.

2013-12-30 13.20.24

The full specification, for you bike nerds out there:

Frame: Surly Necromancer Pugsley (medium). Bought used from Jim at Hiawatha in MPLS last winter.
Fork: Surly Moonlander (non-offset)
Headset: Cane Creek 110 (black) with Velo Orange knurled spacers (silver)
Stem: Thomson X4 (90mm, silver)
Handlebars: Jones Wide Loop (710mm, silver) with cork grips and bar tape
Seatpost: Thomson Elite (330mm, silver) with Surly collar (silver)
Saddle: Velo Orange Model 1 (black)
Crankset: Surly Mr. Whirly (165mm, black) with Shimano BB cups
Drivetrain: Surly stainless chainring (32t), Surly cog and lockring (22t), and SRAM 8spd chain
Pedals: VP-001 (black)
Front wheel: Surly 135mm Ultra New SS disc hub + holey Rolling Darryl (symmetrical build)
Rear wheel: Surly 135mm Ultra New fixed disc hub + holey Rolling Darryl (asymmetrical build)
Tires: Vee Rubber Mission (26×4.0, 60tpi) with Surly toobs and rim strips

Part wrangling, wheel building, and assembly by Revolution Cycles in Madison, WI.

A couple of things made getting this bike together take a little longer than anticipated:

The offset Pugsley fork is currently unavailable–in any form or color–because it’s being redesigned (so saith QBP). That meant that I could not only not order a black one to match this frame (which I wanted to do so that I could use a wheel that I already had), but that the current Pugsley frame-sets also come with a color-matched symmetrical fork (which I didn’t realize until I considered buying a whole new frame-set).

When the black offset Pugsley forks are available again in the spring, I’m going to grab one and swap it for the symmetrical Moonlander fork that I had to use to get this bike rolling before the new year. The symmetrical fork I’ll use to fat-front my Karate Monkey, or perhaps my Troll. The wheel will go with the fork.

Surly 135mm fixed disc hubs are apparently not a hot item, and so not kept in stock. QBP didn’t have one, and then did, but it turned out to be a single-speed hub. None of the other shops in town had one either. Nor did any my friends. I finally chased one down online, and it arrived on Christmas Eve. My only other options were to spend rather more money and use a Paul Disc WORD hub (or even more money on a Phil Wood hub). Thankfully, that wasn’t necessary in the end.

3 thoughts on “Fat and Fixed

  1. I am waiting for someone to make a 135mm hub with 6 bolt disc mounts on BOTH sides. I use Tomi cogs on my fixed setups, and now problem solvers has them for cheap too.

  2. That would be rad–I’m a big fan of VeloSolo cogs.

    Of course, it would be even more of a niche-within-niche product than the fixed disc hub. So they would only make two per year.

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