Fewer Events, More Things

This is what happens when I can’t sleep, and am sitting up in the middle of the night listening to wind howl and the furnace run (yeah, it’s cold tonight: -14F right now and gusting near 30mph). That is, I think about the coming year.

In the past few years, I’ve done an increasing number of events. But now that’s headed in the other direction. Fewer organized events, more things that I call “things” for the lack of a better term? Adventures? DIY events? Just this or that?


The list of events for 2014 is pleasantly short:

  • Trans-Iowa v10. This is the big organized event of the year, and my second attempt at finishing. Single-speed this year, just to make things a little spicier (and because I like it).
  • Gravel Metric. It’s laid-back, fun, and within easy driving distance of home. Probably single-speed this year, unless I decide to ride the 1×10 fat-bike.
  • Great Lakes Randonneurs Brevets. Probably just the 200k and 300k brevets, but perhaps the entire SR series if I’m feeling in the mood. I’m especially interested in riding these either single-speed or fixed-gear.
  • Powderhorn 24. Solo, but with friends–some of whom may also ride solo. Probably single-speed.

And that’s basically it. I might also ride Dairy Roubaix, but it’s likely that I’ll put off deciding until it’s too late.

The list of possible things, however, is much more tantalizing:

  • Sunnyvale and/or Levis to ride the groomed snow-singletrack.
  • Minneapolis to ride fat-bikes in the snow on frozen lakes, streams, and river bottoms. And to drink beer.
  • Frequent S240 camping trips with my friends and my wife.
  • A long, mixed-surface tour across Wisconsin and Iowa.
  • A long, mixed-surface tour through the Kickapoo River Valley.
  • A long, unnamed gentlemen’s style event we might put on ourselves.

The common themes, now that I’ve written this out, seem to be: single-speed, touring and camping, and fat-bikes–though not necessarily all at once.

3 thoughts on “Fewer Events, More Things

  1. I like this whole “more things” event. I’m totally into the idea of “events for yourself” vs. events planned by others. Though I do plan events for others, too…

  2. A bit of each, I think. But with a tendency toward making up my own (and our own, since I also ride with friends) and perhaps even one or two things for the rest of the world.

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