Riding the Lake in Winter

Riding on frozen, snow-covered lakes is one of my absolute favorite winter-time activities. I’ve been doing it for twenty-odd years, and it just keeps getting better and better (mostly due to the advent of fat-bikes). In the last week, I’ve spent about 10 hours riding on the ice.

Contrary to expectation, I didn’t see another fat-biker at any time when I was out riding. In fact, I didn’t even see any fresh tracks (though wind and snow may have obscured them at times).

2014-01-15 09.50.58-1

The riding conditions were perfect, or one kind of perfect anyway. Firm base with a few inches of fresher snow, with more coming down.2014-01-15 10.15.18

The best time to go to the beach, in my opinion.
2014-01-15 11.14.04

There’s a tree spiral on the lake, with wish-ribbons. It’s a little weird.2014-01-18 15.22.54

Sun and snow at once, sorta.2014-01-18 15.23.15

Making tracks.2014-01-18 15.53.51Fresh, untrammeled snow near the Yahara River in Squaw Bay. Well, it was untrammeled.

2014-01-18 16.34.40

The frost-bearding was minimal that day.2014-01-18 17.30.55

I stayed out past sunset. The light-show was pretty damned good.2014-01-18 17.31.252014-01-18 17.41.572014-01-18 17.51.42

The actual sunset was even better. An explosion of orange.2014-01-19 11.35.48-1

Another day, another round of wind-blown snow.2014-01-19 11.35.57

Once again, riding with no one but my shadow.
2014-01-19 11.48.22

Larry.2014-01-19 12.35.37

A photo that would have been even cooler if I’d been riding the Necro-Fix (which has no brakes).
2014-01-19 13.54.14-1On the way home, I rode up Starkweather Creek for the first time this year. There are a number of bridges, including these three.

2014-01-19 14.01.33

The snow was starting to warm up and get sticky. Makes for pretty good tracks though.2014-01-20 12.05.19

But it’s not all sunshine and sparkle. That’s a man-sized hole you’re looking at. Both the Ox and I are fine. Very exciting, in it’s own way.2014-01-20 15.22.34

After that little bit of misadventure, I spent the last ride of the weekend on the KM riding the trails with Nate.
2014-01-20 15.24.20

Though I did stop on the bridge over the creek to examine and photograph the man-sized hole–which still hadn’t refrozen 24 hours later.

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