Swapping and Riding the Ice

Another bike-filled weekend, and another Monday…

On Saturday, I hung up the bike and spent the day at the BD Bike Swap trying to turn a bunch of parts (too many to count), frames (four), and wheels (nine) into cold, hard cash.


I didn’t sell any frames or wheels, but did sell quite a lot of components, including most of what you see here. More importantly, I didn’t buy anything, which means that I went home with nearly $700 in cash and a much lighter parts bin. Now if someone would just buy a frameset or a couple pairs of wheels I’d be well on my way to the next bike.

On Sunday, we were back on the fat-bikes, riding on the lake.


I racked up about 20 miles meandering back and forth with my friends. Highlights include running into friends on an off their bikes, a close-up sighting of a bald eagle in flight, a visit to the now-complete igloo, and a nice long coffee stop at Barriques on Park. And that ice beard.

Due to snow conditions (3-4 inches of blowing powder over wind-blown hardpack) and a lot of farting around, that 20 miles kept me outside for nearly 6 hours. A great way to spend a winter day–and downright necessary given that the temperatures have dropped well below zero again and look to stay there for the next few days.

Both photos by Nathan Vergin; I took some but then left the camera at home this morning.

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