Dairy Roubaix and the TI Shuffle

For the second year running, we drove to Wyalusing State Park to ride the Dairy Roubaix. It’s a beautiful course, in and of itself. And, since it falls one week before Trans Iowa, it serves as a useful final shakedown for gear, baggage, and nutrition.

Also, it’s hilly and predominantly gravel.  I rode the 54 mile course. The 107 mile course ups the gnar by a factor of 10 while doubling the distance. Not something I felt I should be doing one week before Trans Iowa. Next year, perhaps.

All of these photos were taken by Nathan Vergin, who also rode with me all day, even though he was riding geared and could have certainly ridden away from me on several occasions. I thank him for that.


The gravel was smooth and compact. And dry.10257275_10204004986869994_459709170043557069_o

There’s just the barest hint of green, in all of that brown and gray.883332_10204004987150001_6335121226445123344_o

Beard, volant.10014041_10204004987470009_7401330715788948627_o

More gravel, more hills. 1965583_10204004988110025_1245310269055167310_o

I rode the Devil in its final TI setup. 39x19t drivetrain with a Revelate Tangle, a Mountain Feedbag, and the Camelbak Mule. None of the baggage was filled to capacity, though I might add either a small underseat bag or a second Feedbag at Trans Iowa. It depends on how much clothing I need to take. The front rack and one of the bottle cages will also be removed beforehand, and lighting added.1973874_10204004988710040_7814699107348244991_o

Open farmland, after riding in the valleys for a while.1978496_10204004988910045_7544383153333387483_o

The man himself. Riding makes him smile, most of the time.10259267_10204004989590062_2944242580615531533_o

The only dampness on the entire course, after we’d gleefully dropped another group and were riding alone.1396922_10204004990110075_5277912109096349748_o

There was some pavement, and some of it was fast. Not pictured: the swoopy paved descent on which I hit 44.5mph.1522646_10204004990630088_6775520296941849154_o

For every valley, there is a creek. 1507480_10204004991910120_68655010839621130_o

At the finish, there’s some cyclocross. This year, they added sand. Gun it, or run it–there’s no middle ground. (For the record, I cleared it, then dabbed in the grass so that I didn’t get tangled in the course tape).

Stats: 54.5 miles, 14.6mph average moving speed, 3,025 feet of climbing.

2 thoughts on “Dairy Roubaix and the TI Shuffle

  1. For the most part, the hills on the DR route are fine on a single-speed, as long as you’ve selected your gearing well. There are two exceptions. Squirrel Hollow Rd., which leads out of the valley from the little town with the water stop and Cty C near the end. The former has two really steep pitches, made all the harder because one’s legs are a little cool from having stopped. And Cty C is just a long drag.

    In both cases, I got off and walked a bit–though to be fair, there we a number of geared riders walking Squirrel Hollow.

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