Albatross, Resurrected

I had to be up early today, to see off my wife who is off with one sister (who really likes early) to visit another. While waiting for her to show up, I wandered into the shop and started messing around, as I’m wont to do of a Saturday when left to myself.

After puttering around a bit, swapping tires and generally neatening things up, I figured I could get the Albatross back on the road with whatever I had lying about the shop. The frame had been lying in a corner, forlorn after I tore it down after winter finally came to an end.

This time, I decided to restore it to it’s near-original (to me) configuration as an urban assault vehicle. Single-speed, of course. No one wants to mess with derailleurs when assaulting the urbans.


Shod with 2.1 inch WTB Vulpines, flat pedals, and my favorite V-brakes, the TRP M920. With the Salsa Delgado Cross wheelset (White non-eccentric ENO in the rear, Surly in front), it’s a bit of pig, but solid. Surly Open Bars make it feel a bit like a cruiser, but one that can still shred (insofar as I am able to shred at all).

At 36×16, the gearing is a bit too tall for actual mountain-biking (for that, I’d want something more like 32×18) but perfect for bombing around town and hitting the rail trails.

Most importantly, it’s one less bike sitting in pieces in the shop and one more than I can actually ride.

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