A Damn Fine Weekend

After a cold, wet week filled with post-TI recovery, the rains stopped and the sun came out–finally. I filled all of the available hours with bikes, friends, and bikes and friends together.


After I saw off my wife who was heading out with one sister to visit another, I organized the shop, did some minor repairs, and built a bike.


Then I met up with one of my teammates for a bit of riding and beer drinking.

2014-05-03 15.14.46

Still not warm enough for shorts, or non-wool socks.2014-05-03 15.23.33

We thought to meet up at the Memorial Union Terrace, but were driven away by the crowds, and the worst hip-hop act EVER.2014-05-03 16.24.11

So we bought beer, went to James Madison Park, and sat on the retaining wall by the “beach” and solved the all of the worlds problems. After that, more beer and grilled meat and discussion at an undisclosed location.


Sunday dawned clear, not windy (for once) and almost warm (though never warm enough to ditch either the gloves are the arm-warmers). We went for a ride.

2014-05-04 10.57.24

Then cruised one of our usual loops that takes us to Firefly in Oregon, Wisconsin. It was far to nice to sit inside, as long as we were in the sun.2014-05-04 12.37.59

After the coffee stop, we chased a heron through Lerner Park.2014-05-04 12.16.41

When I got home, I spent some time on the deck with a pint of stout.
2014-05-04 15.06.40

A damned fine weekend, I must say. Sorely needed.

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