Yesterday, Nate and I took off for an unhurried–though casually deliberate–ride for on a route that took in the southeastern portion of Dane County (and some of Rock County as well).

Photo by Nate Vergin

The first of several rode closures on our route. It is surely summer, now that road construction season has begun. 2014-05-10 09.25.02

Approaching another closed road. 2014-05-10 09.25.28

Aero-metal.2014-05-10 09.31.12

Yep, we’ve got freshies in Wisconsin too. More road construction.2014-05-10 12.19.56

This tower tells us where to turn onto the Stebbinsville Road, since the sign has been gone for ages.2014-05-10 12.50.04

Blackfish Creek at Leedle Mill. Good water for soaking one’s hat.2014-05-10 12.51.15 2014-05-10 12.51.51

Another day on the Soma ES. Feels like I have things pretty well dialed in now. Spent the entire day in the big (48t) ring.2014-05-10 12.55.28

Under the bridge, watching the waters flow by–and the swallows flit about.2014-05-10 12.56.34 2014-05-10 13.44.50

One cannot ride all day without refueling.

Photo by Nate Vergin
Photo by Nate Vergin

After we left Brooklyn, we could no longer resist the call of the trail that runs along the railroad tracks. When cleaned of the bigger pieces of railbed ballast, this will be a great trail. As it is, it’s pretty good.
2014-05-10 16.01.46We stopped for a second ride-beer in Oregon–but I must say that the tallboy of ice-cold Miller Lite consumed in the shade of a gas station convenience store hit the spot better than this one.

The full route looked more or less like this…

88.3 miles, 16.2mph average (5:27 moving, 8:50 overall).

And then I went on a date with my wife. I’d say I had a pretty damn good day.


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