Beer, Bikes, and Brats

Hot damn…another truly fine summer weekend.

On the 4th, Nate and I rode down the Badger State Trail on our fat-bikes. The July 4 trip on the BST has become something of a tradition for me; this makes four years running. This year was probably the best yet: the weather was perfect, the company genial, the pace casual but deliberate, and the beer cold (note to self: Miller > Budweiser by a long shot). When we arrived back at my place, my wife put cold beers into our hands before we’d made it all the way in the door. After that, eating, drinking, lounging on the deck. Perfect 4th of July.

On the 5th, I fetched the CSA box and we ran about gathering plants and mulch so that K could replant one of the garden beds and augment a couple of the others. I provided transportation, supervision, photo-documentation, and moral support (in the form of cold beer). Oh, and bacon-wrapped brats, potato salad and sauerkraut make a fine breakfast. After the work was done, we spent the rest of the day lounging on the deck with music, snacks, and cold beer. Until dusk, that is, when we got a fire going in the fire pit.

On the 6th, Nate and I went for a 50-mile road ride that took in the Sassy Cow Creamery (which wasn’t open when we arrived) and points east. My legs felt like concrete after the fat-bike ride on the 4th, the humidity was steadily climbing as we rode, and I was surely a little dehydrated from all the beer I’d been drinking over the past couple of days. But, our pace was solid and we made it back without any real trouble–though I did feel a bit trashed for a couple of hours afterward. Nothing a shower beer couldn’t cure though…

Photos marked NV by Nate Vergin.

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