Testing, Testing…Cambium

Having grown tired of moving the too-small collection of Brooks B17 saddles amongst our too-large fleet of bicycles, I bought a Brooks Cambium (C17) to fill one of the gaps (and yes, there are several…).

2014-08-04 07.50.56

I mounted it on the Devil this weekend past and have been riding it now for a few days. Just initial impressions so far, but here are a couple of things I’ve noticed right off the bat:

  • Unlike the B17, the C17 does not require a seatpost with setback to get it in the right place (though I do have it all the way back on a zero-setback Thomson Elite)
  • The cloth cover is tougher than it appears, and dries very quickly.
  • It’s slightly narrower, slightly longer, and shaped differently than a B17. When mounted so that the bars are basically level with the saddle, my inner thighs will rub on a B17, but not with the C17.
  • The rivets look cool.

That’s about all I can say for now. I’ll write more after a few thousand miles and a couple of bike changes.

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