A Fat-fun Weekend

What’s fat-fun, you ask? Take any kind of cycling that you normally do and add a fat-bike and perhaps a few cans of cold beer. That’s fat-fun.

On Saturday, I rode from Madison to Stewart Park in Mt. Horeb on the Military Ridge Trail. As it’s been warm here and extremely humid (above 90 percent), the idea was to ride to the park, swim at the beach, drink a couple of beers, and ride back. And that’s what we did, more or less.

All photos in the gallery above are by Nathan Vergin (check out his blog post for more photos from this ride).

Just as we made it to the beach after a brisk ride down the MRT and a stop for beer at Trollway Liquors in Mt. Horeb, the rains that had been threatening all morning made good. Between the humidity and the rain, swimming simply wasn’t necessary. So we waded, stood in the rain, drank beer, and talked all manner of bullshit.

We left just as the rain let up, engaged in a few fat-bike shenanigans (there was only a small amount of blood but lots of mud that needed washing off), and then made our way to the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb for food and another beer. Just so you know: dirty, wet, and smelly gets you a table in the back corner (since they weren’t seating outside due to the rain). Also, the non-carpeted portions of their floor are like a skating rink when when wearing wet bike shoes. But the food hit the spot and the beer was good.

2014-08-23 18.58.13

Full of burger and sweet potato tots, we rolled toward home. The sun finally came out, and added real blazing heat to the humidity, which in turn called for a stop at the Riley Tap for a cold Spotted Cow in a frosted glass.

Lots of fat-fun, but tiring enough that I fell asleep on the couch after I’d showered and eaten.

On Sunday, we took things a little easier, riding a few laps of the eastside Ride the Drive, stopping each lap to sit under a big shady oak tree on hill facing the lake at Olbrich Park, lazing in the grass, drinking a beer, and taking photos of the riders as they rolled by.

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