Northwoods Adventures

For most of last week, I was on vacation in the northwoods of Wisconsin. The trip itself was centered around two days (Saturday and Sunday) of fat-biking (for the three of the five of us that rode them) on gravel, logging roads, single- and double-track, ATV trails, disused forest roads, game trails, and even a bit of pavement. Nate and I went north early to do a little more riding–but we also had time for fishing, fireworks, photography, target-shooting, fire-gazing, and tromping around in the woods.

I rode the Ox, and was damn glad that I did.

Here’s a basic rundown of what we did…

  • Day 1: pack, drive north, get cold and wet, get groceries, get colder and wetter, cut down a tree to reach the cabin, unpack, release two bears, shoot at targets, let off fireworks, drink beer.
  • Day 2: tromp through the woods, fish the flooded river, ride the fat-bikes in the Kimberly-Clark, eat chili and drink beer, bonfire by the river, fishing in the dark while the mist rose, more fireworks, night photography.
  • Day 3: reconnaissance of a creek crossing for Saturday’s ride, bushwacking, fishing the flooded creek, gear and food preparation for the weekend, fish fry with Nate’s parents in town, drive to Andy’s cabin, stopping for more flooded route recon.
  • Day 4: big breakfast, 75 miles of fat-biking from Andy’s cabin to Nate’s cabin, brats and beer and sweetcorn, more fireworks and night photography.
  • Day 5: bigger breakfast, 63 miles of fat-biking from Nate’s cabin to Andy’s cabin, first hot shower in days, massive burger and onion rings at Moose Jaw, more fireworks, falling asleep before I could even get my sleeping bag zipped up.
  • Day 6: short ride in the woods on the cabin property, packing up, driving home, lots of laundry and gear cleaning.

All in all, it was a great vacation wrapped around two of the best rides that I’ve ever done in one of my favorite places on earth. And I’m already poring over maps and satellite photos so that I can contribute to the route-making for next year.

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