Solo Spinning

Even though I had plans for more riding (and fishing and bonfires) this weekend, the weather and lingering tiredness from my recent northwoods adventures conspired to leave me with just enough time and energy this weekend for a solo spin. After knocking off some chores on Saturday morning, I rolled out at a ridiculously late hour–nearly 11am.

The corn is high, the soybeans turning yellow, and much of the tobacco harvested. And there were dead snakes everywhere–or so it seemed. I spotted at least a dozen in the course of 50 miles of riding.

The wind rose throughout the ride, and while I caught a partial tailwind for one portion of the return trip, it mostly buffeted me from one side or another, if not head on. That’s what I get for not looking at the wind direction before I took off. And I got rained on, first lightly and then in a solid shower, for the last ten miles or so. Not too much later, the sun came out and lit up the clouds.

My body performed about as I expected–which is to say that I spent about half the ride not going very fast at all, averaging only 14.7mph on a route that I routinely ride at 17mph or more. Maybe I’ll just blame that on the bike, since I rode the Devil with a full rando bag instead of the ES (and didn’t even bother to swap in the lighter wheels).

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