Grand Plans…or Not

Another weekend for which I’d had grand plans for long rides, beer, fishing, bonfires, and other good things. I managed two shorter rides (2-3 hours each at a leisurely pace), some errands, a few beers, and lots of time in the shop trying to work my way through a long list of fleet maintenance tasks.

And when I did ride, I not only didn’t track my mileage and route, I made photographs using one my old film cameras (an Olympus XA2), so I don’t have anything to show for it yet (and may never since it’s a test roll). So here’s a picture of the bike I spent the most time on this weekend, taken this morning.

2014-09-29 06.34.48

As much as I like having a bunch of different bikes to ride, I’ll admit that this particular setup–a beat-up, knocked-together randonneur of sorts–suits about 80 percent of my non-winter riding. It’s not perfect, but it’s damned useful.

And after the amount of time that I spent in the shop this weekend instead of riding, I’m starting to wonder if fewer bikes wouldn’t be better. Especially since more than 8 hours of total shop time only yield this:

  • Some building of the 650b Surly Troll (as far as I could without the two small parts I’m missing)
  • New fenders for the Polyvalent
  • Swapping tires on the Azor Kruis dutchie in preparation for sale (front done, haven’t remembered how to remove the rear wheel yet)
  • Various parts swaps here and there (saddles, seatposts, pedals, racks, etc.)
  • Getting started on the full overhaul of K’s Raleigh single-speed
  • eBay postings of various bits and pieces, as well as a half-dozen saddles

At least I had lots of Radiolab episodes in the podcast queue.

5 thoughts on “Grand Plans…or Not

  1. I admire that bike, and your “randonneur of sorts” characterization. Lately, I’ve been pondering turning my Kogswell P/R into a 1 x (?) and trying to repair my wounded Bethoud front bag to get it back in service. But not this weekend, I have plans for a south Texas fixed gear ride instead.

  2. That’s the way to do it, Chris…ride first, and mess around with bikes when riding isn’t possible, for whatever reason. After spending way too much time in the shop making too little progress on too many bikes this weekend, I’m starting to wonder if I have too many bikes. But then I often wonder that when I spend more time wrenching–which I like to do, in reasonable quantities–than I do riding.

  3. Ah, messing ’round with bikes. I’m planning on taking the big basket off of my Crested Butte. While it comes in useful from time to time, I’d like to try the bike out with all that front weight again. Of course, I might just throw the basket back on… 😉

  4. Besides the rando bag on the Devil, I’ve been using a big Wald basket, off and on, on both the Devil (zip-tied to the VO Pass Hunter rack) and the Polyvalent (zip-tied to the Soma Porteur rack). As much as I love the rando bag, I think that if I had to pick just one way, I’d stick with the basket. Among other things, it can carry more beer.

  5. I like the rack and removable basket setup. I had a Giant Delivery Basket on the Crested Butte, and while the beer-carrying capacity is second-to-none, it’s A LOT of basket! I’m going to switch back to the rack/basket setup, and leave the Giant Delivery to a future project.

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