The Shabin

7 thoughts on “The Shabin

  1. These folks are professional climbers and skiers — which means that you and I are supporting them whenever we buy something from Patagonia, or in this case, Mountain Hardware.

    However, this is the sort of thing that would work for just about anyone who wanted to live simply, whether on or off the grid. Obviously, location would matter, since one would both need to be close enough to work and able to buy or rent land that didn’t have the usual urban zoning restrictions that generally get in the way of tiny houses and the like.

  2. There is certainly an appeal to that kind of simplicity. But to be honest, I’m slightly thankful Mrs. Pondero, and her pack of dogs, will have none of it.

  3. It’s true–there is some appeal for running water and perhaps a bit more space (you know, for bikes and stuff).

    For the most part, I’m more interested in this sort of thing as a weekend/vacation setup. In my part of the world, there’s a lot to be said for not having any pipes that can freeze when you’re not there to keep things heated. Of course, I’d also locate it on a small northern lake. And add a wood-fired sauna.

  4. In Portland, there are scores of tiny houses that are just on regular lots with another house. I know a few people that live in one. It’s pretty cool, esp. if you don’t have a lot of crap!

  5. The tiny house thing hasn’t really taken off here in Madison yet, though it’s getting started.

    The problem I have, though, is that I own a house with the lot, instead of the tiny house parked in someone else’s. Though I’m tempted to just build the tiny house, rent out the regular house, and share the detached garage between the two.

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