Ducks and Drakes

With the day off, my thoughts naturally turned to contemplating a long (all of the daylight and then some) fat-bike ride on one of the local rail trails to take advantage of the frozen gravel and lack of snow. But this morning I was simply too relaxed and couldn’t rouse myself to that sort of effort. And, there’s snow predicted for tomorrow and the few days after that, so the fat-biking will be all the better then.

Instead, I pottered around in the shop for a while and then left the house to run errands. I had the foresight to brew some coffee and take my thermos. After the errands (none of which were successful), I took the long way home, drank some coffee outside, and made a few photos.

In other news, sitting on a concrete retaining wall during the winter is cold. I must remember to bring something to sit on next time.

4 thoughts on “Ducks and Drakes

  1. Speaking about sitting on concrete: I had a hobo-punk friend years ago who used to wear one of those “butt flaps”, a piece of material covering the ass and attached to the belt. When asked why, she said it was precisely for sitting on cold concrete. Maybe we can make a hobo-bike version? I’m sure Grant would sell it. 😉

  2. I was thinking of getting my wife–who is an avid knitter–to make something from felted wool, perhaps with a canvas barrier for the ground-side to prevent abrasions.

  3. After further discussion, my wife is going to knock together a prototype. Felted wool, perhaps with a jaunty stripe, with some kind of canvas backing. Perhaps waxed for a better dampness barrier and dirt shedding.

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