Still Fixed, Also Braked

About a year ago, I was overtaken with the absurd notion that I should build up (or cause to be built) a fixed-gear fat-bike. I had a unbuilt Necromancer Pugsley frame as well as a few other bits and pieces, so I enlisted the help of my LBS.

After a few travails (finding a 135mm fixed disc Surly New Ultra hub proved rather more difficult than anyone thought it would be), the Necro-Fix was born. Fixed, brakeless, and low-geared.

2013-12-30 13.20.24

After messing around riding brakeless in the snow on the lake and trying to do wheelies and skids over the summer, I found that I just wasn’t getting enough use from this bike in its original configuration.

Because I still want to ride it fixed at least some of the time, the easiest way to broaden its use spectrum was to add brakes so that I can swap in a single-speed wheel or perhaps an IGH.

I picked it up from the LBS today, after they installed Avid BB7s with 160mm rotors, Paul Love 2.5 levers, and ESI extra-chunky, extra long grips on the Jones Loop bars. I can now stop it with both my hands and my feet.

Note: The Vee Rubber Missions still kinda suck in the snow (though the make a fine gravel and dry dirt tire in the summer), and are likely to be replaced by a Nate in the rear and a Bud up front sometime soon.

In other news, I just bought a new camera (Sony TX-30). I’m still getting used to it, though it managed the above gallery well enough. And it’s orange. More about it in a later post.

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