Extra Long, Extra Chunky

I’ve used one flavor or another of Ergon grips on my flat-bar setups since Ergon introduced their grips to the public. I’ve always liked the additional support of the wing of these grips. But of late–especially with Jones Loop bars–I’ve found that I occasionally get a vibration-induced numb spot on my left hand. And with the advent of wider (710mm) Jones bars–which I really like, especially on a fat-bike–I’ve found myself wanting a much longer grip area than the Ergons can provide.

Not surprisingly, Jeff Jones already has this problem sorted out. He’s partnered with ESI to produce longer grips in both chunky and extra chunky thicknesses for each of his bar sizes. The last time I ordered a set of bars from Jones, I splashed out for a set of the extra-long, extra chunky grips.

2015-01-11 15.19.50
Extra long, extra chunky.

Even though I’ve not yet put too many miles on these grips, I can already confidently say that I really like them and that they’re likely candidates for use on all of my flat-bar setups. A well-cushioned, large diameter grip with excellent vibration dampening and thermal insulation (important here, in winter) properties are just the ticket for comfort and gription.

And let’s not forget that they are 8.25 inches long, which gives me a lot of room to move around on 710mm Jones Loop bars–something that’s really important on long rides, and when riding a varied terrain.

2 thoughts on “Extra Long, Extra Chunky

  1. You’re welcome.

    And I should have mentioned that Jones actually sells four different ESI grips: a chunky and extra-chunky in both 6.75 and 8.25 inch versions. The shorter ones are for the 660mm bars, the longer ones are for the 710mm bars — though I’m going to use a shorter, extra-chunky pair on a wider set of Jones bars next, to leave room for the brake + shifter without having to cut the grip.

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