I remember years ago a series of commercials by one of the boot companies–Timberland perhaps–that was centered around the notion that their boots were the manifestation of Bootness.

Leaving aside that the overt use of Platonic forms in advertisements is rare, the idea stuck–at least for us–and it became both something of a household joke and a metonym for all sorts of outdoorsy things.

This occurred to me when riding the newly configured Devil today, because it now is a perfect example of Tankness.
The tankification process began about 6 months ago when I decided I would switch to a geared drivetrain after riding singlespeed for the entire spring and early summer. I used the heaviest, most burly 700c wheels that I own, and a low-end Shimano derailleur. None of these things are light, or even not-heavy.

2015-01-21 07.40.48

At some point I added a rear rack–an old Blackburn–that’s not too heavy. But it’s there, as are the lock and the quick release mount for the Carradice saddlebag. And with the coming of winter, I mounted a NOS set of Nokian Hakkepelitta 35mm studded tired, which are perhaps the heaviest studded tires I’ve ever owned. And yesterday I swapped the Nitto drops for a pair of Nitto flat bars, which is basically a wash. Same brake levers, shifter, etc.

But put all of this together and I end up with a winter commuter that outweighs at least one–and perhaps both–of my fatbikes.

In other words, Tankness.

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