The Aether Demon

After a number of years of good service from a trio of PDW Radbot taillights, we’ve made the jump into the 21st century (namely, USB charging) with a new pair of PDW Aether Demons. The Radbots will be assigned to backup duty, and used as loaners.

As usual, I mount them by drilling out the clip part of the mount to accept a bolt (instead of the little screw that they use) set it up with a couple of washers and a spacer on whatever braze-on is most convenient–usually one of the eyelets at the rear dropout (to keep the light low and out of the way of my baggage).

2 thoughts on “The Aether Demon

  1. Nice mounting method. I wish more taillights came standard with mounting methods like this, rather than the ridiculously useless “seatstay mount option”. All of which made me basically move to fender mounted lights.

  2. I don’t seem to have any fender-mounted lights, but there are a couple of rear rack mounts (that come stock with stuff from PDW) that work really well, as long as there’s clearance between the bottom of the light when in the mount and the fender/tire.

    I basically think that the light companies should just move to the right size bolt. The rest is easy–though replacing the seatstay mount with something like mine would definitely be the best way.

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