When looked out my office window yesterday, sometime around 10am, it looked like this.

2015-01-26 09.55.22

It continued to snow off and on for the rest of the day, before it turned to snain–a delicate combination of snow and misty rain that freezes to everything. Besides making things a bit slippery, it also repeatedly covered my glasses with a thin, opaque covering of ice. Between having to stop to clean my glasses (having forgotten my usual bandana) and riding half-blind while looking over them, I was glad to get home in one piece.

Ice post.

My bike was still covered with ice this morning, so I parked it in a  spot under the colonnade of the building across the street, where its always warm and dry.

4 thoughts on “Snaaaain

  1. Hey Steve:

    Finally remembered to check in on singularitas. Looks like, as with your many bikes, you’ve made some upgrades.

    Your industry is matched by my, what?, sloth? Yeah, that works. A few months after we moved, I installed the bullhorn bars I bought from you in the parking lot of Nathan’s apartment (a few houses down from Revolution) while my kids jumped back and forth over that rain-filled crater/pothole. And I bought some bar-end brakes. Aaaaand now the bike is sitting, waiting for me to run brake cables and wrap the bars. I toyed with wrapping them this way: But 48 euros seems steep, so the bike just sits.

    I know you’re off Facebook, so I thought I’d drop you a line this way. Hope you’re doing well. Did you sign up for TI again this year?


    PS: Frame pump I bought from you (Nathan’s parking lot, puddle, etc.) is–no surprise, I suppose–too small for any of my frames.

  2. Elliott, it’s damn good to hear from you. Getting off FB has a few downsides, and not talking to you and a few other people now and again definitely qualifies.

    As for my industry, like many other things on the internet, it looks more than it is because I simply don’t write about the sloth (which is usually characterized by drinking bourbon, listening to music, and making conversation instead of riding or working on bikes–so I don’t really mind it).

    Velo Orange has nice leather bar wraps that aren’t 48 Euro–and you could make a field trip.

    Yes, doing pretty well. I didn’t sign up for TI this year, after all. I’m going to do a couple of other gravelistic things that are more low key (Gravel Metric, Dairy Roubaix) but mostly just plan to spend more time riding and touring and camping instead, since that’s where things seem to be heading for me. One of these days, I’ll get around to writing about some of the plans for the year to come.

    Hope DC isn’t treating you too badly…

  3. We’re doing OK out here. It helps that we still knew a bunch of folks from last time. The riding right around DC sucks, but you already knew that. My favorite rides are to shows in DC. They’ve really improved the biking infrastructure in the city. It’s actually pleasant to ride around DC, and it’s always fun to ride at night. There’s also been a bit of a beer and spirits awakening around here, too. Lots of small distillers and some really good microbreweries. One of my favorite recent rides was a rainy fall Saturday spent pedaling from one loading dock brewer’s party to another. Soaked but happy, y’know?
    Thanks for the heads up on Velo Orange’s leather bar tape. I never saw that before, and I end up on that site a lot. I kind of like the chunky look of that Spanish dude’s laces, but then shipping from Spain sounds iffy and the whole deal would run me north of $70 prolly.
    Have fun on Dairy Roubaix!


  4. That sounds like a good ride, all around. I’ve been meaning to put together something beerward around here, as well as a ride to Milwaukee for a couple of days of beer tourism that combines the craft breweries with some big brewery history and the like.

    You could always buy the VO leathers and swap in your own laces for more bling. I know that Newbaum’s twine comes in a bunch of colors now, and would fit the existing holes.

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