A Brief Hiatus

I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from blogging here at Singularity while WordPress figures out how to fix a billing cock-up.

Until they do, I can’t post any more new photographs–and without photos, it’s just me talking…so here are a few non-new photographs to keep you occupied.

Back in a bit.

3 thoughts on “A Brief Hiatus

  1. Sorry to hear about that. Do you use any other photo hosting service like flickr? I’ve used flickr links in the past when I wanted to work around the photo limits on my blogs.

  2. I used Flickr for a while, but generally find it a pain in the ass to deal with linking images, especially when making galleries. And, the new Flickr kinda leaves me cold (or downright annoyed) most of the time.

    In this case, I’m actually fine with paying for more space–which is what I was trying to do. I paid using Paypal. The transaction went through on the Paypal end of things just fine, but WordPress threw an error and it left me with having paid but not getting what I paid for.

    And WordPress is not impressing me with their customer service. I submitted a help ticket 36 hours ago, and still haven’t even had a response yet. Much longer and I’m going to let Paypal deal with and switch to another service.

  3. Yeah, linking via flickr to making galleries isn’t easy/fun. I think that is one of the big benefits to using WP for photos, the ability to make galleries. I couldn’t do that with Blogger so it wasn’t as big a deal to link flickr photos. Plus, “saved” images in Blogger were so much harder to find.

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