While you were training…

It seems that spring-ish weather has hit many places across the country (or continued in places that don’t seem to have much in the way of winter to begin with), so the internet is abuzz with many a fellow cyclist out “training” for something.

Since I don’t have any definite racing/event plans for this spring (perhaps you’ll hear why later, if all goes well), I did what no self-respecting cyclist does on the first day sunny day in the mid-40s in March.

That’s right, I spent nearly the entire day in my windowless, subterranean bike cave, catching up on maintenance and suchlike.

Over the course of about 6 hours, I managed to:

  • Convert the Devil back to single-speed (getting rid of the studded tires in the process), remove the rear rack, and mount a front rack and basket.
  • Install a smaller (16t instead of 19t) freewheel on my wife’s single-speed winter mutt.
  • Install a new front rack on my wife’s Soma Saga (in part because I needed the one it had for the Devil). But this one also fits better.
  • Set up a single-speed rear wheel for the Necro-Pug so that it can go back and forth between fixed and single.
  • Fix the mounting of the front fender on the Polyvalent so that it’s hard-mounted to the underside of the porteur rack
  • Drink three bottles of Tyranena Fatal Attraction Imperial Black IPA.
  • Donate an ounce or so of blood to the bike shop gods.

All of which means I’m about halfway through my project list. Photos forthcoming.

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