More Devilry

As I mentioned the other day, I spent a little time over the weekend putting the Devil back in trim for non-winter riding.

2015-03-11 06.50.28 2015-03-11 06.50.40

Gone are the winter wheels, the derailleur, and the oddly-mounted shifter. I also ditched the rear rack and the Nitto QR saddlebag mount. But most importantly, no studded tires.

Instead, it’s now single-speed (a mellow 39x16t) using a pair of bright blue Surly/Aerohead wheels wearing Clement USH 35mm tires. Jones Bend bars (660mm, silver) with Tektro levers, thick bartape grips, and a SpurCycle bell (silver).

But the biggest change is the front rack and basket: a Nitto Mark’s rack with a large Wald basket, a Rivendell Sackville ShopSack, a cargo net, and a pair of Sea-to-Summit straps.

It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting there.

In particular, I’m not quite happy with the flexy, bounciness of the Wald basket, even with the straps helping suspend the basket from the handlebar (in the typical Rivendell fashion). It seems clear that the basket is just too big for such a small rack.

Since I want something more solid, I’ll try it with a Surly front rack, which is both wider and deeper (and will also allow me to carry panniers). If that doesn’t work, I’ll use a smaller basket, or perhaps reinforce the larger one with a wooden deck.

The stem is probably also too short, but that’s a quick swap the next time it’s in the shop.

4 thoughts on “More Devilry

  1. I’ve a CETMA 5 rail front rack on which I’ve mounted a large Wald basket and Rivendell ShopSack. It’s very solid/stable and I like it’s utilitarian look. I think Lane has come out with a version on which you can mount panniers.

  2. Steve: does that obviate the need for using straps to suspend the rack from the handlebars? I would think that it would.

    I have one of the original CETMA racks, currently not in use and I was thinking of using that to mount the basket, but the handlebars are too high on this bike for the brackets to reach (and it’s also so heavy that it would probably double the weight of the bike). But the CETMA half-rack would definitely be a solid option, if the Surly Nice Rack doesn’t pan out.

    Also, in the spirit of laziness, I added another half-dozen zip-ties (it’s now tied down at basically every junction possible) last night, and that seems to have improved matters somewhat.

  3. Steve, the 5 rail CETMA provides a nice wide platform such that I don’t experience any sense of flimsiness or floppiness. Mine is the older one that attaches to the handlebars, however, the half-rack appears to be just as stable; plus, I’d think it would be somewhat lighter with the omission of the handlebar mount.

  4. I dug the old CETMA rack that I have yesterday and found that it’s not a five-rail at all. It’s FOUR.

    Makes me wonder at just how long I’ve had that thing.

    Either way, I’ll be testing the setup with the Surly front rack this weekend (because I already have that). If that doesn’t work, I’ll problem splash out for the CETMA half-rack and roll from there.

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