Self-Steer and Some Options

Some people say that self-steer doesn’t really exist–or at least that it never seems to happen to them. To those people, I say this: ride a Vee Rubber Mission with less than about 12psi.

2015-03-22 12.33.27-1

Above: the Necro-Pug wearing a 120tpi Larry in the rear and a 60tpi Vee Rubber Mission in the front (with a symmetrical fork).

At 12-13psi, the Mission pulls noticeably, but not badly. At anything below about 7psi, it pulls in a rather dangerous sort of way, unless I’m riding on soft snow–which I try not to do, because they aren’t great snow tires, at all.

As such, I’m thinking about changing to something else. But what should I use? Surly Knards? Vee Rubber Vee8s? Something else?

Basically, I’m looking for something with a less-aggressive tread for non-winter riding on pavement, gravel, and non-technical single- and double-track. An all-rounder, if you will.


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