30 Days of Biking–Week Two

After the second week of the 30 Days of Biking, I realized that I didn’t in fact ride every day. Damn.

But I did ride three more of my bikes. The Necro-Pug was pressed into service for the Saturday coffee-outside ride, the Soma ES took to the road on Sunday, and the VO Polyvalent finally returned to commuting duty on Monday.

The first and last of these largely came about because the Devil has finally reached a point where a full overhaul is necessary. There’s a stuck rear brake caliper, a rumbling bottom bracket, and the headset probably needs new bearings too. Not to mention a good cleaning, fresh brake pads and cables, a new chain, and a longer stem.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking–Week Two

  1. I think this is the problem with all these types of challenges, and why I usually don’t do them. I’ve thought about 30 Days of Biking before, and cycling is my default mode of transportation, so I do it usually every day. But what if there’s a day that I don’t have to go somewhere? Or I’m sick and take the bus? Or, heaven forbid, want to walk? I don’t want to feel guilty that I missed a day, nor do I want to feel pressured to take a ride just to fulfill the obligation. That being said, I do admire other folks for doing this stuff. But I’m most interested in seeing you ride all of your bikes this month! 😉

  2. In the end, challenges like this are for me just an excuse to mix things up a bit and shift the focus to different things. I never seem to entirely complete them, or care too much if I do (in fact, I often seem to take a perverse pleasure in breaking the rules or going the other direction, at least a little).

    It doesn’t help that as time goes by, I seem less and less interested in anything that gives too much artificial structure to my cycling. I’ve lost the urge to race, engage in long distance events like TI and its brethren, or do anything that requires me to train much.

    Which, I suppose, makes my participation in things like the 30 days all the more ironic–though it does help explain why I never seem to quite adhere.

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