Heck, that’s a Bear

I’ve come to realize that without a few events–whether they be organized by someone else or by me–that I tend to ride less than I would like. I am an inherently lazy man, it would seem.

I also tend to stick too close to home and ride too much in the same places and on the same routes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, in itself. But when there’s too much familiarity and not enough of the unexpected, then there’s no adventure.

And a life without adventure? Not a good thing–especially in the face of the stresses of life and work (of which there seem to be more and more all of the time).

I’ve re-examined the decision not to participate (some might say race) in any new races/events in 2015 (we’d planned on revisiting a couple of non-new races this spring, but that’s since fallen by the wayside). It became pretty clear to me that there are two good ways to make sure I get out of my normal routine once in a while:

  • Occasional racing. Around here, that means gravel races in interesting parts of the Midwest where I can structure a mini-vacation around a long ride in the woods.
  • More bike tours. Day tours, overnights, and perhaps even a couple of week-plus tours, ridden from the back door (or at least to the back door from somewhere else).

To that end, I’ll be riding the 100k version of the Bear 100 over Memorial Day weekend (in combination with a visit to the in-laws). I’ve meant to ride this event since it started, but it happens to fall on the same weekend as the Gravel Metric, which I’ve done the past couple of years instead.

And, we’ll be taking a fall mini-vacation in Duluth and environs, into which I’ll embed the Heck of the North (and perhaps my wife will run the Lightfoot 25k). An active vacation, if you will.

As for more bike tours…I’ll leave that for a subsequent post.

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