New Bike Day: SS Cross Check

No…not for me.

My wife has been less than satisfied, for several reasons, with her old single-speed commuter, a heavily modified Raleigh One-Way. A couple of weeks ago, I was trawling eBay for something else, when I ran across a very good deal on a  new-in-box Surly Cross Check SS complete.

So I pulled the trigger, and then reset the Fedex shipping dates so that it arrived when she was out of town for a few days. I figure it’s much more impressive to see your new, surprise bike already built up, instead of in a big cardboard box.

When she came home on Sunday, she was definitely surprised.

2015-12-15 07.38.38

I kept most of the stock setup, but did make a few changes based on what I know here preferences to be.

2015-12-15 07.38.28.jpg

Changes include:

  • Brooks B17 (from her One-Way) instead of the generic ass-hatchet spec’d by Surly.
  • VP-001 pedals (none included).
  • Jones 660mm Bend Bar, Paul brake levers, and ESI chunky grips instead of the Salsa Bend 2 bars, Avid FR5 levers, and generic rubber grips.
  • SKS Longboard fenders, because most bikes should have fenders. Especially commuter bikes.
  • Custom rear light mount for the non-drive-side dropout braze-on.
  • Paul Gino light mount for the left fork crown braze-on.

Everything else, we left stock. Some kind of rack–probably a black porteur–will come later.

2015-12-15 07.38.42

Happy new bike day.

And now, unlike me, she’s hoping that winter doesn’t come for a while, so that she can ride it as much as possible before the ice and snow and road salt force us to put it away.

5 thoughts on “New Bike Day: SS Cross Check

  1. The Pizza Rack is a possibility, to be sure. But we’ve also got a Soma porteur that’s not really getting much use, so that might get the nod.

  2. Well played, sir! She looks quite pleased, and what an attractive build that is. So far, the best way I’ve discovered mixing cycling with pleasing my wife is when I “go get on that bike and come back with a better attitude!”

  3. Well, I do a lot of that too…going for rides to come back with a better attitude. But I think it’s also true that building her nice bikes has also helped make cycling more attractive–though it’s also true that such tactics only started to work once she’d already started cycling for transportation.

  4. What a great build, Steve! Congratulations on the new bike, Karen! Your beaming smile tells the whole story; and I really like the matching jacket and frame, too…

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