I don’t talk about it much here, but I listen to a lot of music.

A lot.

All of the time. A premium Spotify subscription let’s me listen to pretty much whatever I want, wherever I am. All day at work, whenever I’m at home and not watching TV or listening to a podcast, and often places in between (never on the bike though, and rarely in the rare bouts of car driving).

Now, I love a good cover. Take a great tune, add a musician or a band that loves that tune, and let them go to town. It creates a whole new thing, sometimes as good as the original, occasionally better (and sometimes so truly bad that it starts to come out the other side of good).

Here’s one of the best (perhaps the best) cover of one of my favorite songs.

See what I mean?

H/T to BG for bringing that one to my attention.

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