Ride Bikes and Drink Coffee

When I originally decided to get out and ride every Saturday morning, I thought that it might take the form of one of our regular road rides with a cafe stop at least some of the time. But now that we’ve done it a couple of times, I’m of the firm opinion that it will […]

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Gearless Weekend

I just realized, when considering the weekend’s riding and wrenching, that no gears were involved. Just single-speeds. Because that’s the way we (prefer to) roll. Or something. Saturday coffee outside. The way things have evolved, I don’t normally ride on Saturday morning, or really much during the rest of the day. It’s the day we […]

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Ducks and Drakes

With the day off, my thoughts naturally turned to contemplating a long (all of the daylight and then some) fat-bike ride on one of the local rail trails to take advantage of the frozen gravel and lack of snow. But this morning I was simply too relaxed and couldn’t rouse myself to that sort of effort. And, there’s […]

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