New Bike Day: All-City JYD

Well, it took me just about a year to build it up, but the All-City JYD is finally on the road. I’ve only ridden it a bit around the neighborhood. I’m really liking it so far, though the front brake still squeaks (either the pads aren’t toed-in correctly or I’ve got the straddle wire too […]

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Self-Steer and Some Options

Some people say that self-steer doesn’t really exist–or at least that it never seems to happen to them. To those people, I say this: ride a Vee Rubber Mission with less than about 12psi. Above: the Necro-Pug wearing a 120tpi Larry in the rear and a 60tpi Vee Rubber Mission in the front (with a […]

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More Devilry

As I mentioned the other day, I spent a little time over the weekend putting the Devil back in trim for non-winter riding. Gone are the winter wheels, the derailleur, and the oddly-mounted shifter. I also ditched the rear rack and the Nitto QR saddlebag mount. But most importantly, no studded tires. Instead, it’s now […]

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A Failed Experiment

A couple of weeks ago, when I got it into my head to change the handlebars on the Devil for better winter use (read: flat bars that are easier to use with mittens or pogies), I also got it into my head to try to change as few components as possible. In this case, that […]

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Another Winter Project: Troll

A few years ago, I bought a second, new Pugsley frame; it was bright yellow. After not getting around to building it up for a year or so, I was taken with the idea that I only really needed one fat-bike (silly me). A couple of years ago, when Earl from Revolution was looking for […]

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A Winter Project: JYD

Shortly after they were announced, I ordered an All-City JYD and took delivery (after the LBS had installed the headset) just in time for the city to start salting the roads. So instead of building it up immediately–I’d had all of the parts waiting since late summer–it became yet another winter project (along with the […]

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I remember years ago a series of commercials by one of the boot companies–Timberland perhaps–that was centered around the notion that their boots were the manifestation of Bootness. Leaving aside that the overt use of Platonic forms in advertisements is rare, the idea stuck–at least for us–and it became both something of a household joke […]

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