Fat and Icy

Most winters, I spend substantial portions of my riding time on one or the other of the frozen lakes in Madison (there are five). Lake ice forms a massive winter playground, letting us ride places that require watercraft the rest of the year, and see things from a completely different perspective. I look forward to […]

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I don’t talk about it much here, but I listen to a lot of music. A lot. All of the time. A premium Spotify subscription let’s me listen to pretty much whatever I want, wherever I am. All day at work, whenever I’m at home and not watching TV or listening to a podcast, and […]

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New Bike Day: SS Cross Check

No…not for me. My wife has been less than satisfied, for several reasons, with her old single-speed commuter, a heavily modified Raleigh One-Way. A couple of weeks ago, I was trawling eBay for something else, when I ran across a very good deal on a  new-in-box Surly Cross Check SS complete. So I pulled the […]

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Bottomed Out

While in Minneapolis this weekend, I finally got a chance to ride the Minnesota River bottoms on the Ox.  We’d ridden hard at Carver Lake the day before, so our Sunday morning ride was all about mellow cruising and basking in the warm November sun. We started at Sibley House and rode the trails southwest […]

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Quaffing my Friday morning coffee and reading feeds, I run across the weekly photo dump from Surly. Normally, it’s stuff recently submitted to their Image Dump, but this week it’s single-speeds in honor of this weekend’s SSUSA (hosted in my home state, at Levis–no, I’m not going). Scrolling down, I find this: Yep, that’s the […]

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Finding the Groove Again

The past six months or so–or perhaps longer–have been somewhat unfocused when it comes to cycling (and quite a few other things, for that matter). It turns out that a little more structure is better than no structure at all. A few weeks ago, I helped my wife make a training plan for a 25k […]

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Heck, that’s a Bear

I’ve come to realize that without a few events–whether they be organized by someone else or by me–that I tend to ride less than I would like. I am an inherently lazy man, it would seem. I also tend to stick too close to home and ride too much in the same places and on […]

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