30 Day of Biking–Week Three

Another week, another seven days of cycling. Commuting, taking the long way home, the weekly coffee-outside ride, a Sunday road ride in the sun (with its attendant early season sunburn), and more porteur-ing to work and a conference. Also, the Necro-Pug is sorta for sale. Kinda.

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30 Days of Biking–Week Two

After the second week of the 30 Days of Biking, I realized that I didn’t in fact ride every day. Damn. But I did ride three more of my bikes. The Necro-Pug was pressed into service for the Saturday coffee-outside ride, the Soma ES took to the road on Sunday, and the VO Polyvalent finally […]

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One of my favorite things about winter–especially a good winter storm with substantial snowfall and a bit of wind–is that everything turns one shade of gray or another. Just like a good fog, it makes the entire world look soft and new and interesting. And so I rode the long way (or at least a […]

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Ducks and Drakes

With the day off, my thoughts naturally turned to contemplating a long (all of the daylight and then some) fat-bike ride on one of the local rail trails to take advantage of the frozen gravel and lack of snow. But this morning I was simply too relaxed and couldn’t rouse myself to that sort of effort. And, there’s […]

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Spring Leaves and Lonely Buoys

Last night’s ride the long way home (LWH) sent me westward on a coffee-outside reconnaissance mission. If it’s not already obvious, I like to drink my coffee near the water. The ride wasn’t as long as I would have liked, but the fall scenery more than made up for it–and recon was a definite success.

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A New Bridge

On the Long Way Home (LWH) yesterday, I found a new bridge–or new to me at least. I parked for a moment to drink pineapple juice from a tiny can and to look upon a tree. The bridge is just past a three-way junction in the trail. Since my options were to cross the bridge […]

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Time or Miles?

As often as I can, I take the long way home from work. Instead of 6-7 miles in 20-30 minutes, this gets me about 20 miles of riding in roughly 1.5 hours (I’m generally not in a hurry in either case). The short way takes me through central Madison along a route made up partly […]

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