Looking Forward…

2015 wasn’t the best year for me, on or off the bike, and I’m glad it’s over. But it wasn’t all bad. Built myself two new bikes and bought/built a new one for my wife. Rode the fat-bike in the snow, on rail trails, at Powderhorn 24, on single-track, and in the Minnesota River Bottoms. […]

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2015 Powderhorn 24 by the Numbers

Once again, we drove to Minneapolis to ride around in squares for 24 hours. I didn’t take any photos during the race, so here are the numbers.* Miles: 101 Laps: 20 Beers: 23¬†(+/- 3) High temperature: 97F Low temperature: 76F Bottles of water: 7 (+/- 2) Burritos: 3 Cups of coffee: 2 Footlong hotdogs: 1 […]

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Some Polyvalent Thoughts

Two things occurred to me on the ride to work today: I’ve been riding the VO Polyvalent for a little over a year. It’s mostly seen commuting and errand-running duty, but there have been several short, relaxed day tours and one S240–and it’s become the go-to bike for the weekly coffee-outside ride. It’s exactly what […]

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Whither Winter?

I’ve talked about this before, but this winter is turning out to be rather different from last winter–in two ways. Last year was cold, snowy, and more snowy. By the end of January, I’d spent almost 40 hours riding the fat-bike in the snow. Much of that time was spent riding on the frozen lakes. […]

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When looked out my office window yesterday, sometime around 10am, it looked like this. It continued to snow off and on for the rest of the day, before it turned to snain–a delicate combination of snow and misty rain that freezes to everything. Besides making things a bit slippery, it also repeatedly covered my glasses […]

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The Right Idea

These guys have the right idea. [vimeo¬†http://vimeo.com/113256953 w=900] And given that I’m faced with the possibility (though still a mere possibility) of owning a car after being car-free for about eight years, I started wondering whether there was anything comparable around here. It would appear not quite: biodiesel.org lists nothing in Madison (and both the […]

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Surprise Snow

I’m not sure whether the weather forecast got it wrong, or I just didn’t notice when it got it right, but we awoke (thanks to the snow plow hitting the speed hump in front of our house) this morning to fresh snow. It’s not a lot, but at least everything is white now, instead of […]

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