One of my favorite things about winter–especially a good winter storm with substantial snowfall and a bit of wind–is that everything turns one shade of gray or another. Just like a good fog, it makes the entire world look soft and new and interesting. And so I rode the long way (or at least a […]

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Cold Circuits

It’s not just human beings that have trouble working well in the cold, hard cold. Electronic devices show an array of fascinating behaviors. The LCD screen on my GPS slows way down, and sometimes appears to have stopped updating altogether even though it continues to track. My iPhone–even when fully charged–will often show the “I’m […]

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Looking Back on 2014

Sometime in the wee hours of one of the first days of 2014, I laid out what I thought my cycling year would look like, both in specific terms and in a more general, thematic sense. These sorts of plans and predictions are only so useful in the making; a good deal of the utility […]

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Earn the Descent

In the past, I’ve always found this sort of thing a bit silly–climbing Alpine cols on a track bike in a rather large gear, only to skid the way back down. But his connection between laziness and simplicity–admittedly paradoxical–is one that resonates with me.

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Curves and Turns

They’ve got it right — it’s about how you travel. [vimeo¬† w=900] Though to be fair, they also picked a pretty damned good where.

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Time or Miles?

As often as I can, I take the long way home from work. Instead of 6-7 miles in 20-30 minutes, this gets me about 20 miles of riding in roughly 1.5 hours (I’m generally not in a hurry in either case). The short way takes me through central Madison along a route made up partly […]

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Another Departure

The thinning of the fleet continues. What started with the Karate Monkey and the Smoothie continues with the Azor Kruis. It’s almost starting to feel like I own a reasonable number of bicycles. Almost. I bought this elegant beast in 2008 after a nagging shoulder injury made it nearly impossible to ride in a non-upright […]

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