New Bike Day: All-City JYD

Well, it took me just about a year to build it up, but the All-City JYD is finally on the road. I’ve only ridden it a bit around the neighborhood. I’m really liking it so far, though the front brake still squeaks (either the pads aren’t toed-in correctly or I’ve got the straddle wire too […]

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New Bike Day: Surly Troll

A couple of years ago, I found myself with a yellow Pugsley frame (in addition to the Pugsley I already had). At some point, I reckoned (incorrectly, as it turns out) that I didn’t want a second Pugsley, so I traded the yellow frame-set with one of the fat-bike fanatics that works at my LBS for a […]

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Some Polyvalent Thoughts

Two things occurred to me on the ride to work today: I’ve been riding the VO Polyvalent for a little over a year. It’s mostly seen commuting and errand-running duty, but there have been several short, relaxed day tours and one S240–and it’s become the go-to bike for the weekly coffee-outside ride. It’s exactly what […]

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Self-Steer and Some Options

Some people say that self-steer doesn’t really exist–or at least that it never seems to happen to them. To those people, I say this: ride a Vee Rubber Mission with less than about 12psi. Above: the Necro-Pug wearing a 120tpi Larry in the rear and a 60tpi Vee Rubber Mission in the front (with a […]

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Gearless Weekend

I just realized, when considering the weekend’s riding and wrenching, that no gears were involved. Just single-speeds. Because that’s the way we (prefer to) roll. Or something. Saturday coffee outside. The way things have evolved, I don’t normally ride on Saturday morning, or really much during the rest of the day. It’s the day we […]

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A Brief Hiatus

I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from blogging here at Singularity while WordPress figures out how to fix a billing cock-up. Until they do, I can’t post any more new photographs–and without photos, it’s just me talking…so here are a few non-new photographs to keep you occupied. Back in a bit.

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The 3-Way

If I have a favorite tool, it’s this one: the Park Tool 3-Way hex wrench. I have at least four–if not six–of these floating around and it’s often the first thing I pick up when I’m in the shop. Sometimes, whether I need it or not. And it makes such a particular sound when dropped […]

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