The Cold, Hard Cold

As we’d been expecting, the overnight temperatures dropped to about -10F and the winds stayed in the 10-15mph range, putting the wind chills at around -30F. When it’s this cold, everything is just a bit harder. Exposed skin is at risk of frost-bite, so it either has to be covered with clothing or slathered in […]

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Winter with a Vengeance

Two days ago, there was nothing but frozen, brown grass and bare pavement. Yesterday, we got a dusting of snow and I went out for a short, intense ride in a nearby park and then spent the rest of the day doing other things. But that was mere prelude. Today, winter returned with a vengeance. […]

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All the Difference

As a born and bred northerner, frozen brown, snowless winters have a detrimental effect on my mental well-being. In the past few weeks, it’s either been warm and damp and foggy–which holds its down beauty–or just cold and brown. When I woke this morning, there was a curious glow coming through the curtains–the glow of […]

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Ducks and Drakes

With the day off, my thoughts naturally turned to contemplating a long (all of the daylight and then some) fat-bike ride on one of the local rail trails to take advantage of the frozen gravel and lack of snow. But this morning I was simply too relaxed and couldn’t rouse myself to that sort of effort. And, there’s […]

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A Fat New Year

As long as I’ve owned a fat-bike, I’ve ridden a fat-bike on New Year’s Day. Most years, this involves snow and ice and cold. Not this year (not yet anyway). It’s turned colder, so the ground is once again frozen and the lakes are beginning to cover themselves with ice, but there’s no snow and […]

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Looking Back on 2014

Sometime in the wee hours of one of the first days of 2014, I laid out what I thought my cycling year would look like, both in specific terms and in a more general, thematic sense. These sorts of plans and predictions are only so useful in the making; a good deal of the utility […]

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The Best of 2014

While 2014 wasn’t quite the year that I would have liked it to be, for a number of reasons, there was still quite a bit of fine riding, both solo and with friends. The Rides The winter of 2013-14 provided lots of snow, cold temperatures, and good lake ice–perfect fat-biking conditions. Straight Out of the […]

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